The Code Linux (Film)

Saat jalan-jalan ke IDWS, nyari-nyari film buat didownload akhirnya saya menemukan The Code-Linux yang ukurannya 600.5 MB. Saya download dengam ‘wget’ di Terminal Linux Ubuntu yang saya gunakan. Butuh waktu 7 jam untuk mendownloadnya, saya mulai pada malam hari. Tapi akhirnya selesai juga pada pagi hari.
Bagi teman-teman yang ingin menonton, silahkan mendownloadnya sendiri.

The Code Linux


Setelah bebrapa minggu link IDWS tidak dapat didownload. Ternyata IDWS sedang dalam tahap upgrade. Ketika teman-teman mencoba mengunjungi link teman-teman akan diarahkan ke

Berikut link yang telah saya update dari IDWS.

<<Link IDWS Update>>

Subtittle English :

Info :

Dari IMDB disebutkan bahwa film ini adalah open source dan Anda dapat mendownloadnya secara bebas di :

Jika teman-teman memiliki bandwidth yang tak terbatas, silahkan menontonnya secara online di Atau melihat potongannya di sini :

Berikut ini adalah sebuah review di IMDB :

6 August 2002 | by Christopher E. Meadows ( (Springfield, Missouri)Animated GIF The Code Linux

This film, originally made as a documentary for Finnish television, is currently floating around on the giFT peer to peer network–a network which is largely restricted to Linux users, so it is unsurprising that it can be downloaded from over a dozen different people there.

Through this film, Linux is traced from its early days as a hobby project of Linus Torvalds’s, through its rapid rise in popularity and number of users, to the dot-com boom and bust, and beyond. The differing ideologies of Richard “GNU” Stallman and Eric “Open Source” Raymond are also explored. Anybody who has been following Linux for very long, reading websites like Slashdot and Eric Raymond’s “Cathedral and the Bazaar” essay will probably already know most this. However, for those people, the film does offer a chance to see and hear these Linux icons talk–putting faces and voices to people who might otherwise have been just words on a screen.

Despite its Finnish origin, most of this documentary is in English–either the naturally-spoken English of most of the Linux personalities, or a heavily-accented voiceover narrator–with Finnish subtitles. Only a few of the interviewees (Linus Torvalds’s parents, employees of Chinese Linux corporations) are untranslated (since, after all, the show was originally aimed at Finns).

Postingan ini juga dapat Anda baca di :


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